Individual Recordings

All Worship Services and Special Events produced by Park Hill Baptist Church are recored and available for purchase on CD and/or Cassette Tape at a cost of $4.00 each which includes domestic shipping.* Orders may be placed by completing the information on applicable envelopes found in the pew racks or at the Reception Desk. Completed envelopes may be placed in an offering plate during one of our Worship Services or in the Administration Offices. Orders can also be placed by contacting us at 501.753.3414 during regular office hours.

*Addtional fees will be required for International shipping. Please contact us for more information.

Come & Worship
The Sanctuary Choir's latest recording with The Nashville Symphony Orchestra

Includes such favorites as "Come, Now Is the Time to Worship", "Bow the Knee", "Calvary Is the Sea", and "The Majesty and Glory of Your Name"

CD – $15.00




The Anchor HoldsSignature arrangements of Contemporary Christian Classics featuring The Sanctuary Choir with The Nashville Symphony Orchestra

Includes such favorites as "The Anchor Holds", "Trust His Heart", "In Christ Alone", and "In the Presence of Jehovah"

CD – $10.00
Cassette – $5.00


Colors of ChristmasChristmas Recording featuring The Sanctuary Choir and Orchestra with the Nashville Symphony Orchestra

Includes such favorites as "Little Drummer Boy", "When Love Came Down", "Who Would Imagine a King?", and "That Night with O Holy Night"

CD – $10.00



Sermon Series

Biblical Anchors for LifeThe Anchor Holds

Dr. Ken Shaddox

Receive a free copy of our Sanctuary Choir's CD recording of The Anchor Holds with purchase.

Life brings many testing times. When facing challenges and obstacles it is good to go back to some biblical anchors that provide stability in the midst of shifting times. We trust these favorite Bible passages and insightful messages will serve as anchors for your life.

10 CD Album – $30.00


Heroes & Heroines of the Old TestamentHeroes and Heroines of the Old Testament

Dr. Ken Shaddox

Heroes and Heroines are often described as people that act bravely or courageously when facing difficult life situations and challenges. To scan the landscape of the twenty-first century world is to find a need for more individuals that live boldly for God.

In this series of messages you will find a glimpse into the lives of four great people of the Old Testament. Even though they lived a long time ago, their storyline still speaks to us today. Enjoy the adventure!

4 CD Album – $15.00



NehemiahNehemiah: Vision, Leadership, Teamwork, Revival

Dr. Ken Shaddox

The Old Testament book of Nehemiah is the consummate study on leadership. This ancient leader took on the enormous task of rebuilding the walls around Jerusalem. He also helped renew the inner spiritual life of a people who were discouraged and down heartened.

Come join in a journey through the book of Nehemiah. You'll be amazed by the practices and principles of leadership found in these pages. Church leaders, business executives, and civic leaders can become more effective by following the godly example and lifestyle seen in Nehemiah.

10 CD Album – $30.00

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"Heartfelt Praying" - Ephesians 3:14-21

Sun, Aug 2, 2015

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