Joining the Church

Becoming a Member

As you consider making Park Hill your home church, you may have questions and concerns about membership. We have opportunities to help you through this process. It is our desire that you might first become a Christian and then become committed church members through ministry. Our goal is not only to help those outside the membership to find answers to questions but also to help new members be assimilated into the life of the church by loving God and worshipping him.

We believe the following questions are important for church members to answer. These questions serve as key principles of our faith:

  • Do you have a regular personal time each day with the Lord?
  • Do you attend a weekly corporate worship service?
  • Are you a member of a Bible study?
  • Do you seriously attempt to incorporate Bible principles into your everyday life?
  • As a follower of Jesus, are you committed to practicing good stewardship?
  • Are you ready to invest the gift that you have at PHBC?
  • Are you a faithful and positive witness to the name of Jesus both inside and outside your home?

All who are interested in joining our church are encouraged to attend our Discover Park Hill orientation class. You will have the opportunity to meet our pastoral staff, learn about our church and its values, and hear about how you can be involved in our mission to share the love and message of Christ. Visit our Registration Center to sign up for an upcoming class.

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