Project Overview

3R LogoScope of Project

Worship Center

  • Two wide-format screens on either side of baptistry
  • Refinish wall behind the choir loft
  • New carpet and paint
  • Extend platform by four feet from furthermost point
  • New pulpit furniture
  • Refurbish or replace pews
  • Updated lighting
  • Shades on windows that can be opened
  • Freshen doors, add new railing, and update balcony front


  • New furniture
  • New carpet and paint
  • Addition of permanent Welcome Center
  • 12-foot additon to accommodate more restrooms
  • Updated lighting

Main Building

  • Updated signage
  • New carpet and paint in hallways
  • New lighting
  • New handrails
  • Drop ceiling to conceal unsightly wires and cables
  • Refurbish reception desk
  • New furniture in reception lobby

Preschool & Children's Areas

  • Updated signage
  • New carpet and paint
  • Update lighting
  • Addition of permanent Welcome Center
  • Themed graphics in hallways
  • Improvements to HVAC system

Adult Education Building

  • Improvements to HVAC system (2nd and 4th floors)

Outdoor Improvements

  • New landscaping
  • New entrance canopies
  • New external signage for buildings
  • Updated playground, including new fence and new equipment

New Foyer

This Week’s Message

"Living Godly in a Changing Culture" - Acts 17

Sun, Jul 5, 2015

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