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A Word from Our Pastor

Dear Church Family,

These are exciting days at Park Hill Baptist Church. God is blessing our church, and we are growing in a number of ways. We have decided as a church to expand our vision. The scripture says, "Where there is no vision, the people perish" (Proverbs 28:18). God has given us a vision. It has been well-planned and prayed through. Now is the time to follow-through from vision to reality.

All of us at Park Hill have an opportunity to play a significant role in such a challenge through the Remember, Refresh, Renew capital stewardship emphasis. This is a three-fold emphasis for you to voluntarily do three things:

  • Pray diligently
  • Be thoroughly informed, and
  • Give cheerfully and sacrifically

To continue the growth of our church, we plan to update and remodel a number of areas. This will take several months to accomplish once we get started, but you will see definite changes in our worship center, children's space, and throughout the common areas of our church.

We need your help. Please accept the challenge for the next few weeks to PRAY and BE INFORMED. Be patient with the process. You will be given the opportunity to complete a "Faith Giving Vision" card at the Celebration Banquet on April 15. Then, give. The key idea is "not equal gifts but equal sacrifice."

Each person will be given an opportunity to complete a "Faith Giving Vision" card for the purpose of the church knowing the total amount we can expect over the next three years. This card is only for this purpose, and no one will use this information in any other way.

As your pastor, I want to ask you to seek God's will for your giving with a pure heart. I hope you'll catch the vision!

In Christ,

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Ken Shaddox
Senior Pastor

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"Living Godly in a Changing Culture" - Acts 17

Sun, Jul 5, 2015

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